Federal Practice Seminar

2018 Federal Practice Seminar


2018 FPS Final Agenda


A “Devil’s Advocate” Approach To Brainstorming And Writing: Unconventional Ideas That Will Help You Write A Better Brief

Devil's Advocate Powerpoint - Sante Fe

Devil's Advocate Manuscript 2017 - Santa Fe

Alan DuBois

Depression, In Literature And Song

LAP proof

How I Almost Became A Lawyer Who

Louis Allen

Prgrm Description - Stories

Quick Shot Signs of Impairment

Let Me Google That For You: Finding Acquittal On The Internet

Ira Knight

Theories And Themes: Presenting Your Client’s Story To A Jury Or To A Sentencing Judge

Handout Theories %26 Themes for Trial and Sentencing

Cover Page for Written Materials

Developing a Theory of Defense by Mickenberg%2C Harper%2C Lindsey

Fredilyn Sison

Story Board for Sentencing

Story Board for Trial

Effective Cross-examination


Controlling the Runaway Witness.doc

Cross Exam ira.doc

cross examination rapping.doc

Impeachment --ira.doc

Fred Friedman

Panel Issues Update

CJA_Panel_Attorneys_exempt Pacer transcript

The Ethical Obligation To Seek An Agreed Upon Disposition: Lessons From The Capital Case Model

North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct

ABA 2003 Guidelines for Appointment %26 Performance of DP Counsel

Kimberly Stevens

Supreme Court Update


Paul Rashkind

Sentencing In Child Pornography Cases

Gleason CP presentation for Seminar 2018.pptx

Kathleen Gleason

4th Circuit Update

Fourth Circuit Update

Retaining Experts

Service Provider Training 4 -5-2018.pptx

Handout Materials

Lisa Costner

Gloria L Powell

Larry Dash

Candor And Truthfulness In The Age Of Alternative Facts And Fake News

Candor and Truthfulness.pptx

Candor and Truthfulness Notetaker Slides

Candor and Truthfulness in the Age of Fake News and Alternative Facts

Eric D Placke

Other Speaker Bios

Ann Hester

Anthony Martinez

Catherine Eagles

Joseph Ross

Josh Carpenter

Mark Foster

Max O. Cogburn Jr